Clearing and Forwarding Scams

Clearing and Forwarding Scams – 4 Ways to Protect your Business from Shipping Lies

Clearing and forwarding is a popular term for offshore logistic services that are designed to handle the business of importation and exportation.  

If you’re a business owner considering shipping goods from anywhere, you may have probably heard of terms like Clearing and Forwarding, Freight, Logistics, Containers and other necessary documentation that ensure smoot arrival of goods.

In this post, however, you will discover a number of ways to protect your money and business from clearing and forwarding scams.

First, let’s begin with some level of assessments – these are questions that are more predominant in the various areas of freight and importation business success.

Some of the questions that run through the minds of business owners:

  • How can my goods arrive in my country save?
  • How can I get genuine Clearing and forwarding Agent?
  • How can I export goods to a certain country at lower cost?
  • Are there reliable ways to handle my clearing and forwarding?

Whether you are in for a one-time purchase abroad (such as cars, building shipments and other bulk contract materials) or into a full-fledge importation/exportation business, you have to address a number of factors; to make sure that you are not on the wrong track.

Meanwhile, even though this information is very important, we are more concerned with how you can avoid losing money with unidentifiable fellows.

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4 Ways to Protect your Business from Logistic Scams

It is common to hear cases of seized goods among many other cases where business owners lose their properties. There are many reasons why your goods may not be delivered again, and we have also outlined a number of ways to prevent them here.

The List, however, may not be the only way to strengthen your discernment to prevent others from taking unnecessary advantage of some of the things you may not know about importation and exportation.

Office Location

Even though life is getting virtual by day, a clearing and forwarding business must demonstrate relevance and presence in the various areas of their business.

Apart from understanding their operational strategies, one of the most important detail you should verify any business is their locations.

Personally, this will help you track their history and capacity to deliver your goods – and at when due.

Existence of Business

 Location is important but what solidifies a business relationship is the legal binding – and it is always required that you do business with a registered business in a particular environment.

Meanwhile, the registration is not enough. Has the business identified with the regulatory authorities? In any country, there is a set of regulations for importation and exportation, and to ensure you are dealing with the right businesses there needs to be proof of registration and identification with the relevant regulatory authorities.

For instance, in Nigeria, such business needs to present verifiable evidence of Registration with the Council for the Regulation of Freight Forwarding in Nigeria (CRFFN).

So, carry out your preliminary research about the company that pitch to assist with your clearing and forwarding plus other logistics.  

Once you are sure that the business is duly licensed with the most relevant authorities you have a green report to go ahead with the negotiation.

Provable Track Record

The first question we answer as a Logistics firm is what we have done in the past.

Even though people do need this information for various reasons, one of the things we’d discovered over the years is that it boosts their confidence to realize that we have helped other businesses get deliveries of their consignment.

There are so many young brands with more innovative strategies regarding your shipping and delivery, and one should not confuse track records with testimonials.

The point, however, is, that you need to check the entire degree of trustworthiness of any business or brand that you intend to partner with – you can achieve this by asking genuine questions, making personal research on some of the factors enumerated in this work.

Your intention, therefore, is that you protect your business from losing money to scammers who come in the name of clearing and forwarding agents.

Correctness of Web Addresses

This is another great area where scam is becoming more prevalent – one may appear to be a reliable logistic company (home or abroad) and you can see variations of the same website.

To protect a business from clearing and forwarding scams, one must ensure the correctness of the website address he or she visits.

Here is a Tip: Let assumes you just heard about GIGTLC (Guarantee Investment Global Transport and Logistic Company) online or anywhere you heard about us. It is important that you know our correct website address:

Do not be surprised that someone could come up with a similarly designed website with another address such as If you do not look very closely, you won’t figure the right link to visit.

To be on the right track, you need to check the page out across all their social media platforms (go through their content for a number of months, check their history via the timeline, take a look at their testimonials (through comments on their posts, view the pages of the commenters to check existence etc.)

You might also get one or more persons to vouch for the brand if you are not convinced with their social media presence.

Another great option is to reach out to the business registration details of the business via the internet. Unfortunately, the Nigerian port Authority Page (NPA) of a complete list of Registered clearing and forwarding agents is not live.

But you can use the keyword below to figure out this list from the relevant authority website of your country and the country of your interest.

‘’List of Registered Clearing and Forwarding Companies in (Enter the Country)”

With this, you will get to be on the right track on the path of protecting your business and Money from fake Clearing and Forwarding sites and claimants.


There are quite a number of other ways to track down clearing and forwarding scams and scammers – but being that we are limited to the level of security strategies we can share as a business, it is very important these preliminary approaches work as your guide for choosing the right businesses to partner with as you grow your interests as an importer/exporter.

Here at GIGTLC, we are concerned with providing top-notch business solutions such as guides and tips that truly work. However, our team are ready to handle your clearing and forwarding needs with a higher degree of professionalism and results.

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